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Sales and Marketing

Top 3 Fully Funded Training

Digital skills for Business and web development is a government-funded, 4-week programme that is designed to equip attendees with the skills, knowledge and experience needed to work in digital roles and improve their marketing presence. - Learn more

This programme will provide knowledge of the role of internet marketing within a modern marketing context. The learner will understand the benefits of internet marketing to customers, the opportunities offered to businesses by internet marketing and the challenges faced by businesses using internet marketing - Learn More

This course is designed to give you a better understanding of how to use social media channels to maximise your business profile and turn the platforms into powerful generators of sales and customer awareness. - Learn more

Sales and Marketing Courses

At no cost to your business, with as little or as much support as you need for up to 26 weeks, we are here to help get your team upskilled in their sales and marketing skills and ready to support the realisation of any and all your future business goals.

We bring you: 

  • dedicated Skills Coach offering 1-1 support and advice
  • Bespoke business diagnostic to identify skills gaps and growth opportunities
  • Individual skills and career development plans for your employees
  • Support in Health and Wellbeing and Apprenticeships
  • Exclusive access to GM Skills Map and 760+ fully funded Training Modules
  • Plethora of Workshops, Webinars and Events


Marketing Courses (Fully Funded)

Check out the Sales, Marketing and Digital Marketing courses on the GM Skills Map, Greater Manchester's dedicated training directory, click here to search what's on offer.

E-sales & marketing is still in high demand across different occupations.

➢ Results are based upon>760 responses from businesses in Greater Manchester, submitted during August to December 2022